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Jacksonville's Top Industry Lead Training Program

Looking for a place to challenge your limits and take class from world renowned Industry Professionals?

Dance With Jax LLC is a leading Training Program that has been pouring into the Duval Dance Community with tremendous opportunities to test your limits and potential as a dancer since 2019.  Whether you’re looking for Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary classes or more... Dance With Jax LLC is the best bet for a "convention like" experience in your hometown.

DWJ's Artistic Director, April Henehan, started this program offering a one-day Workshop over the summer as a way to kickstart dancers summer dance education and fun.  Whether coming off of Recital modes and/or preparing for Nationals she saw a need to help dancers tap back into their intuition, curiosity, and re-spark their passion for learning, performance, and movement.

Since that first summer, DWJ has quickly evolved into a place where dancers from various studios and dance backgrounds come together to explore, share, experience, and fall deeper in love with the art of dance.  Offering programs for dancers of all ages and skill levels.  We invite you to attend one of our events and see just how special your gift (dance) truly is!!!

Winter Workshop Dec. 26-29, 2023:

Early Tuition deadline Oct. 26, 2023

Late Tuition after Dec. 11, 2023

Summer Intensive June 2-6, 2024:

Early Tuition deadline April 3, 2024

Late Tuition after May 19, 2024


Dancers must attend both events (Winter & Summer) within the same season to qualify for the rebate.

Additionally, Full Payment must be received before the “LATE TUITION” date associated to qualify for rebate.

Dancers that qualify for our Rebate Program, will receive a 25% Rebate check made payable to the account holder.

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